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MiniPuls® 3

Pulse-free peristaltic flow!

Discover the smooth flow
delivery of the popular MiniPuls 3.
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Ergonomic Pipetting
for Problem Liquids

Specially created for scientists who work with
problem liquids, MICROMAN E helps counter
pipetting issues that affect performance. More

Pipetman Blister Tips

Clean, Efficient, Economical

Designed for high-throughput labs,
blister pack Pipetman tips are ideal
for affordable quality results from
your pipettes. Click

Pipetman M Multichannel

Electronic Pipetting

Lightweight and uniform.
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Automated Pipetting Routines

Meet your new automated
pipetting assistant! Click

Pipette Trade-in

Get 30% off PIPETMAN

Trade-in any working/non-working
pipette for a new PIPETMAN G,
Classic or Neo. More

April pipette handle offer