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Gilson Seal of Assurance – The Stamp You Can Trust!

 What sets one supplier apart from another? In our case it is the Gilson Seal of Assurance stamp.

Only Gilson's Seal of Assurance accredited offices and suppliers know our products inside out and can fully support you when you need it most. With us you don’t just buy a product; you invest in our continued support! 


 5 Reasons to Choose Gilson Seal of Assurance Approved Centres:

1. Technical Expertise - Put simply, our Seal of Assurance centres are experts in manual liquid handling. With our vast experience in pipetting techniques and applications, you'll benefit greatly from our knowledgeable professionals who have been extensively trained by Gilson across our entire range of products.

2. Genuine Up-to-date Products - All our products come direct from the manufacturing plant. This ensures you receive the very latest genuine models rather than residual stock. It also means the carbon footprint of our products is smaller than those purchased through unofficial suppliers.

3. Full Service Backup - Because we understand how convenient it is for you to deal with just one source, Gilson is there to help you, no matter what you need; Gilson pipette assistance, Gilson tips assistance or a more "à la carte" service.

4. Closer to you - More than just a manufacturer, Gilson strives to improve its relationship with you believing development comes from collaboration and is the key to supporting your evolving needs and providing the products you are looking for.

5. Unsurpassed Customer Service - Our sales support teams are committed to recommending products that will satisfy your requirements and we will always ensure the latest technical information is readily available.