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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does ‘Response Time equate to ‘First- Fix’ rates?

While a key performance indicator for any service provider is that of response rate, a more important measurement is that of the ability to First Time Fix. Gilson Service current first fix rates are 90% for all premium care customers.

How can I be assured that service personnel are manufacturer trained and competent on HPLC equipment?

Currently we have 9 certified Gilson trained HPLC Service engineers. All are trained at the Gilson Head Office. On successful completion of the training, a certificate is awarded. This process has also been applied to the alternative vendor HPLC systems that Gilson is now able to offer service cover on.

We cannot stress the importance of using qualified Engineers highly enough. It is in the interests of both parties involved that high performance and reliability standards are kept high in order to prevent safety implications. If you are in any doubt regarding the ability of the “so called” Gilson trained third party engineers, we would be happy to assist in validating any training certificates.

What safeguards have I got that faulty equipment can be repaired efficiently and effectively?

As well as response and first fix indicators another key area in performing a service repair is that of spare parts availability. We currently hold in excess of £500,000 of service inventory to ensure maximum uptime for all Gilson Service supported instrumentation. All key HPLC modules are supported with service kits comprising of all the major service items and consumables. These kits carry both the recent and older revisions of the various components catering for all ages of equipment. We welcome customers to inspect both our warehouses and service kits at anytime.

Research has shown (gathered from the many companies who have sampled third party service and subsequently returned to us) that some third party organisations do not hold the necessary service inventory, as this can be a heavy financial burden. It should be remembered that it is all too easy for them to lay the blame with the manufacturer/distributor for poor delivery!

What if we wish to receive Technical support information as well as software, firmware and hardware revisions in the future?

An area which is on many occasions overlooked when deciding to move away from approved manufacturer/distributor is that of keeping the equipment technically up to date. Without this both performance and reliability suffer.

As with all the other documentation required to support and maintain the instrumentation from Preventative Maintenance, EPV (Equipment Performance Verification) and service manuals this is only available to qualified personnel.

Complete cover can be provided by taking advantage of both hardware and software support agreements

How difficult are the administration aspects of the program?

Program administration is easy! Equipment can be added or deleted from the program through service management system or by simply informing your assigned Representative of the equipment schedule change.

How do we track which pieces of equipment are on the program?

You will receive an equipment schedule when the program is initiated which defines all the equipment covered by the program. As equipment changes occur during the year, you will receive revised equipment schedules including all equipment changes since program inception. The equipment schedule allows you to track all equipment covered by the program and includes complete equipment descriptions, model numbers, premium charges, and defined levels of coverage.