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Gilson Lifetime Warranty

What is the Gilson Lifetime Warranty (GLW)?

We are so confident in the accuracy, precision and robustness of our products that we don’t just talk about it, we guarantee it. The Gilson Lifetime Warranty is a revolutionary new scheme that ensures peak performance of your pipettes time and time again. It gives you ultimate peace of mind and complete confidence in your results for the entire lifetime of the pipette. Originally we introduced the scheme to new pipette purchases but we have now extended it to Gilson pipettes already owned and used by you. 


Our Lifetime Warranty is EXCLUSIVE to Gilson PIPETMAN Classic, G, L, Neo and MICROMAN single channel models.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced annual spend on new products - Your pipettes will last longer, improving your return on investment.
  • Just one set annual cost, a yearly service. The warranty itself is free of charge for the lifetime of the pipette.
  • Peak performance at all times – Pipettes will continuously perform to our rigorous and legendary manufacturer’s specifications with minimal downtime and maintenance of pipettes, ensuring maximum throughput of your lab.
  • No tedious administration or warranty claim process –Should you need to send us back your pipette for anything other than the annual service, you can do this directly without generating purchase orders, warranty claims or other administration burdens. 
  • Complete confidence in your results – with peace of mind.

How does it work?

With Lifetime Warranty, we will ensure your pipetman constantly performs to our legendary Gilson standards each and every year. Pipettes that are serviced annually at our Gilson Service Centre of Excellence are covered. The warranty includes the cost of all parts and labour for any product failures and the cost of all parts used during the annual service.

How to join the GLW programme.

GLW diagram

Joining the GLW programme is simple whether your pipette is newly purchased or one you already own.

NEW! You can now combine your GLW with UKAS Calibration, please contact servicesales@gilsonuk.com for more information.

What do I do once I have purchased my pipette?

1. Activate Your Warranty

We will then contact you to remind you when your annual service is due to maintain the warranty. Once you have purchased your pipette, simply register it to activate the warranty or by returning the warranty card contained within your pipette box. This will allow us to remind you when your pipette is due its annual service to renew the warranty. Send all cards to Gilson UK, 3b Humphrys Road, Woodside Industrial Estate, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU5 4TP.

2. Have your pipettes serviced annually

You must have your pipettes serviced by Gilson at least every 12 months to maintain the warranty status and ensure it continually meets our manufacturers specifications, performing as accurately and precise as the day you originally purchased it.

Our Gilson Lifetime Warranty guarantees the best performance and lowest maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of your pipette.

Lifetime Warranty for pipettes you already own

We have now extended the Lifetime Warranty programme to include Gilson pipettes already own and have used in your laboratory. Your entire PIPETMAN suite of pipettes can now be restored and maintained to their original specifications and covered against the cost of all spare parts.

  • of any age
  • of any condition*
  • purchased from any supplier
  • previously serviced by Gilson or any other third party service company

*Accidental damage resulting from physical shock, continuous exposure to corrosive reagents or mishandling and misuse in accordance with the guidelines as described in the user’s manual are not covered, please contact us for options available.

To Join the Warranty Programme:

1. We must perform a GLW Qualification Service

A GLW Qualification Service is in essence a quality check.  It ensures your pipette is fully restored to its original performance specification especially if it has been serviced by other third party organisations.   We need to ensure that the correct manufacturer service techniques have been employed, that only genuine Gilson spares have been fitted and it performs as new before it qualifies for the lifetime warranty programme.

The GLW qualification service includes:

  • 2.4 Gilson Service and Calibration
  • Any non-Gilson parts replaced with genuine spares
  • All parts and labour costs included

Send us your Pipettes for GLW Qualification

To arrange a GLW Qualification Service: Simply download our Service and Calibration Order form and return your pipettes back to our Gilson Service Centre. For larger volumes, we can perform the service onsite.

2. Have your pipettes serviced annually

Your pipette must be serviced annually at our Gilson Service Centre every 12 months to ensure continues to meet our original manufactures specifications and to maintain the Lifetime Warranty. See our full service and calibration programmes for more details and pricing.

Have a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions page.