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Gilson UKAS Accredited Service Levels

What is UKAS?

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole body recognised by the Government for the assessment and verification against international standards of certification, inspection, testing and calibration.

UKAS operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

What is UKAS Accreditation?

UKAS Accreditation is a means of assessing in the public interest, the technical competence and integrity of the organisations offering these kinds of evaluation services. It is the internationally- recognized system that is used to develop and sustain high standards of performance

For Gilson this accreditation provides an objective proof that the organisation complies with best practice.

Furthermore it is evidence that:

  • Our staff are technically competent
  • Our service centre has the resources and facilities appropriate and sufficient for the work
  • Our performance is to the required standard (EN ISO 17025:2005)
  • We are capable of sustaining the required level of performance


UKAS calibration is available in three options: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Bioscience is a very dynamic environment to work in. Due to its ever-changing nature it requires great adaptation skills, flexibility and, well..for the lack of a better word…evolution from both our customers and our organization equally. At Gilson we strongly believe in discussing the needs of our customers and adapting our strategy accordingly.

For many years UKAS calibration has been synonymous with 3.10 (10 readings at 3 volume points), which doesn't offer customers flexibility in choosing their own service level as required. We have been asked to offer a wider range of service levels but following the same UKAS process (traceable to EN ISO17025:2005) and we are very proud to announce that we have delivered what had been requested of us.



Listed above calibration levels don’t include as found/ pre-service calibration, please contact servicesales@gilsonuk.com for further information.

All UKAS calibration levels are accompanied with a calibration certificate traceable to ISO17025. We are able to offer UKAS delivery within our permanent lab as well as at customers’ premises, for the complete range of pipettes including multichannel and small volume pipettes.

As a Centre of Excellence, our expertise extends much further than our own Gilson pipette range. We are fully competent and trained to calibrate and service all makes and models of pipettes including Rainin, Eppendorf, Hamilton and many others.


What comes included in the UKAS calibration?


We will follow exactly the same service procedure as in case of any other levels of calibration including:

  • Leak and Function test
  • External and Internal clean
  • Replacement of seal(s) in accordance with brand and model of the pipette
  • Lubrication in accordance with brand and model of the pipette
  • Gravimetric calibration (to Manufacturer specifications only in case of UKAS)
  • All parts are extra (unless your pipette is part of our lifetime warranty where all parts are included)
  • All parts fitted during the service procedure are genuine manufacturer spares

If you choose a service and calibration plan including as found/ pre-service calibration we will perform the calibration prior to servicing your pipettes.

Unlike our standard calibrations UKAS levels include the EN ISO17025:2005 traceable calibration certificates and calibration labels.


How to arrange UKAS service?


Although we follow more stringent procedures when delivering your UKAS calibrations, you don’t have to do anything differently when arranging your service, just follow our standard process and choose one of our UKAS levels on our Service Order form.


Contact Us:


For more information please contact the Pipette Service Centre:

Email: serviceinfo@gilsonuk.com

Call: 0845 6435 216