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Solid Phase Extraction

SPE is a reliable method for sample preparation. It is often used for the enrichment or clean-up of numerous samples prior to analysis. Gilson UK has a large diverse range of SPE cartridges and can supply automated SPE instruments to handle high throughput routines.

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SPE Systems

Choose below for automated systems based on your extraction method of choice.

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SPE Plates and Cartridges

We have a full range of 1ml, 3ml and 6ml cartridges, as well as microplates containing a variety of supports including: QuEChERS, normal and reverse phase, Ion exchange in addition to liquid-liquid extractions and Protein Precipitation.

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SPE Accessories

A full range of SPE accessories including empty cartridges, DEC caps, glass columns, manual vacuum manifolds etc are available.View Range

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SPE Applications

A selection of SPE applications are included from areas such as Environmental, Food & Beverage, Clinical Forensic and Pharmaceutical.Read More

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